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Mira Life Science Ventures, Inc.




Business: A C-corp. Evergreen Fund structure for early-stage investment, incubation, and development of disruptive innovations in life sciences, including medical devices, therapeutics, diagnostics, and digital health.


Opportunity: The next 20 years are poised to provide the greatest scientific and medical breakthroughs in our lifetimes. With the technological advancements we have seen the last 10 years allowing us to answer questions we never could address before, including advancements in molecular diagnostics, telemedicine, artificial intelligence (AI) for medical data, mobile networks and devices, novel materials, and biosensors, it is expected that we will see a new generation of treatments to address the most pressing unmet medical needs. Mira LSV was established to capitalize on these breakthrough advancements and facilitate their accelerated development leading to improved clinical outcomes, greater patient access and more effective utilization of healthcare system resources.


Why Invest in Mira Life Science Ventures?




Team. highly successful and unique blend of fund management, product development, business leadership, entrepreneurialism and scientific rigour.




Sector. Life & Health Sciences is a key area for investments with high yield returns, however, investing in early-stage, game-changing technologies requires experience and technical expertise, together with an unparalled due diligence process.




Model. The Mira business model is designed to succeed. Flexible, adaptable, capital and tax efficient.




Deal Flow. Management has an unparalleled global network across industry, academia, and traditional VC syndication partners to source opportunities.


Business Model:




Highly flexible C-corp structure with broad investment capabilities & no restrictions. Can invest in companies, in-license patents, incubate technology, innovate, and collect royalties. A compelling alternative to traditional venture funds and private equity. Can take Mira public as well.




Broad & diverse access to opportunities.




Investor/shareholder focused while providing Evergreen returns.


Team: The Mira LSV Team has significant experience in fund and company management and all aspects of product development from discovery to commercialization. Fund management experience: 13 years, 22% IRR, 80x return on original capital.




Dr. Kurt R. Gehlsen, CEO. Over 30 years as an experienced leader, fund manager, inventor, entrepreneur, and developer of marketed products in life sciences.




Dr. Rob Grundy, Head, European Investments. More than 20 years as a drug developer, fund raiser, entrepreneur, business leader, government advisor, and commercial consultant.




Mel Rothberg, Chairman. Over 40 years as an experienced leader, manager, investor, inventor, entrepreneur and developer of products in the life sciences.




Offices: Boca Raton, Florida; Belfast, UK.


Contact: Dr. Kurt Gehlsen,; 520.904.8396.




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