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Business: DTI produces precision piezo electric motors and turnkey products targeting disruption within the life sciences, laboratory instrumentation, automotive, aerospace, and semiconductor markets.


Industry/Market: The $100B electric motor market needs precision motors that provide speed and simplicity in a tiny footprint. Such motors are used in applications such as syringe pumps, optical imaging, laser focusing, robotics, and fluid pumps and valves. Traditional DC electric motors have likely reached their capacity to support the market needs, and they lack high performance and energy efficiency. The market is therefore ripe for alternate disruptive solutions.


Status: DTI has 23 worldwide patents and multiple trade secrets in piezo electric motors. It has recently released 12 motors and two turnkey pump products that are cost comparable replacements for what is on the market today, but with superior benefits of using less energy, with fewer parts and a reduced space requirement.




Leveraging its patented technology, the Company has produced both linear and rotary motors in various sizes, resulting in 65 different product configurations.




The company has invested significantly in production validation and tooling to enable low-overhead in-house mass production and assembly of its products.




DTI has OEM partners in place to bring turnkey products to market in 2021.




Management has established worldwide distribution in five regions, and expansion continues.




DTI has existing contracts with leading companies in the industrial, defense, and medical device industries.




There is a deep pipeline of innovations based on existing and patent pending technologies.


Management: DTI founders are leading scientists in the piezo and motion control technologies.




Hassan Kotob, CEO




Mark Broderick, PhD, President




Valentin Zhelyaskov, PhD, CTO




Nicholas Copley, CEng, VP of Product




Bonnie-Jeanne Gerety, CFO




Todd Eckler, CRO


Offering: The Company is seeking a current investment of up to $5M with a 2020 closing and anticipates raising an additional investment of up to $25M during 2021.




Offices: 6968 Professional Parkway E, Sarasota, FL 34240


Contact: Hassan Kotob, CEO, at 941.907.4444 x 100 or




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