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Mr. Ritger and Dr. O'Donnell and their affiliated entities have invested in more than 200 private placements, including multiple investments into a high percentage of the issuers. Commitments totaled more than $250 million. Here is a list of some of the placements:






Adeona Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

American Bio Medica Corporation

Ampersand Medical Corporation

Bacterin Intl. Holdings, Inc. - multiple rounds

Bridgetech Holdings International, Inc. - multiple rnds

CodeSmart Holdings, Inc.

Current Technology Corporation - multiple rounds

Cytori Therapeutics, Inc. - multiple rounds

Entremed, Inc. - multiple rounds

FitLife Brands, Inc.

Generex Biotechnology Corp. - multiple rounds

HAN Benefit Advantage, Inc.

Health Discovery Corporation

Health Sciences Group

Juvent Corporation - multiple rounds

Kips Bay Medical, Inc.

MannKind Corporation

Medifast Corporation

MEDirect Latino, Inc. - multiple rounds

Molecular Diagnostics Corporation

Nanoviricides, Inc. - multiple rounds

National Health Partners, Inc. - multiple rounds

Neuralstem, Inc.

NovaDel Pharma Inc.

Paxton Energy, Inc.

ProUroCare Medical Inc.

Regenicin, Inc.

ScripsAmerica, Inc.

StemCells, Inc.

Synovics Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Xeris Pharmaceuticals Inc.



American Sands Energy Corp. - multiple rounds

American Standard Energy Corp.

Arena Resources Corporation

Beacon Power Corporation - multiple rounds

BlueFire Ethanol Fuels, Inc. - multiple rounds

Cadence Resources, Inc.

China Power Equipment, Inc.

Colombia Clean Power & Fuels, Inc.

EnviroPower Renewable Inc.

La Cortez Energy, Inc.

Laredo Oil, Inc. multiple rounds

Miller Petroleum, Inc. - multiple rounds

Orion Ethanol, Inc. - multiple rounds

Paxton Energy, Inc.

Platinum Energy Resources, Inc.

Propell Technologies Group, Inc.

Ring Energy Corporation

Samson Oil & Gas Limited

Sun River Energy, Inc.

Synergy Resources Corporation

Tandem Energy Holdings, Inc.

TransAtlantic Petroleum Ltd.

Valence Technology Inc.

ZBB Energy Corporation




Metals & Mining


Alanco Technologies, Inc. - multiple rounds

Alyn Corporation

Applied Visual Sciences, Inc.

Cygnus eTransactions, Inc.

Defense Solutions Holding, Inc. - multiple rounds

dHybrid Systems, LLC

Discovery Technology International, Inc. - multiple rds

E-Waste Systems, Inc.

Interlink Global Corporation

NeoKinetics Corporation - multiple rounds

NetWolves Corporation

Nutech Digital Corporation

Sedona Corporation

Shadowtrack 247, LLC - multiple rounds

The Translation Group, Ltd.

TranSwitch Corporation



Bullion River Gold Corp.

Dutch Gold Corporation - multiple rounds

Ensurge, Inc. - multiple rounds

Focus Gold Corporation

Gold Crest Mines, Inc.

International Silver, Inc.

Meadow Bay Gold Corporation - multiple rounds

Metalline Mining Corporation

New Jersey Mining Company - multiple rounds

Paramount Gold Corporation

Rx Exploration Inc.

Searchlight Minerals Corp.

Senetek PLC

Timberline Resources Corp. - multiple rounds

U.S. Silver Corporation

White Mountain Titanium Corporation - multiple rounds


B to B




A21, Inc.

Advanced Growing Systems, Inc.

American Aircarriers Support, Incorporated

American Superior Building Products, Inc.

Auto Data Network, Inc.

Bell National Corporation

Business Talk Radio, Inc. - multiple rounds

China Agri-Business, Inc.

Dynamic Leisure Corporation

Integrated Freight Corporation - multiple rounds

Modavox, Inc.

Umami Sustainable Seafood Inc.

Visualant, Inc.




American Patriot Brands Inc.

As Seen On TV, Inc.

Bond Laboratories, Inc. - multiple rounds

Cinema One, LLC

Continental Beverage Corporation

Grower's Secret, Inc.

Interiors, Inc.

Pet Ecology Brands, Inc.

Ronnybrook Farm Dairy, Inc.

Spongetech Delivery Systems, Inc.

Straight-Up Brands, Inc.

Stratus Media Group, Inc. - multiple rounds

Xraymedia, Inc.