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Seaside 88, LLC (“Seaside”) focuses on providing smaller U.S.-based companies with upfront capital in return for periodic revenue-share payments until the total of such payments reaches a pre-negotiated amount.  Seaside strives to select companies that will deploy the fresh capital to accelerate their revenue growth via salesforce expansion, product line extension, expanded geographic reach, acquisition, etc.


Seaside generally avoids seed funding and focuses instead on companies that have proven demand for their products and/or services.



Seaside 88, LLC owns and operates this website.  We post information on the publicly accessible sections of this website only to familiarize smaller companies in need of growth capital with Seaside’s revenue-share business.  This information is intended for discussion purposes only, and must not be relied upon for financial, legal, tax, or any other professional advice.  The only definitive sources of information regarding Seaside are its Private Placement Memorandum and Operating Agreement.  © Seaside 88, LLC. All rights reserved.



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