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Companies have a challenge in reaching an appropriate investor audience for their stocks, spending significant money and time attending conferences, hosting luncheon and dinner presentations, and interfacing with their investor relations firms.  The effectiveness of such expenditures is difficult to measure and oftentimes questionable.


The TickerBuzz program solves these issues by providing the following benefits:


A quality highlights report.  The bullet point summary format is respectful of an investor’s time.  The source material is the client’s own website, investor presentation materials, and SEC filings.  We provide no earnings estimates or stock ratings.  View a sample Report.

Minimal time requirement on the part of management.  Clients have pre-approval rights, but there is no travel time and expense to give investor presentations.

TickerBuzz distribution.  Included in the base cost of this program, we provide distribution of your report via the TickerBuzz website for a 12-week run, as well as an email blast to our own list of investors.  In addition, we can provide you with a pdf version of the report for your own use.

Add-on distribution channels.  You may choose, for an added fee, to have a link to your report emailed by one or more of the third parties with whom we have established distribution relationships (see below).


Palm Beach Hedge Fund Association.  (www.pbhfa.org)  This organization consists of more than 1,500 dues-paying members, including active hedge fund professionals, venture capitalists, high net worth investors, family offices, investment bankers, academics, and a variety of other financial experts.  The PNHFA non-refundable fee for an email alert to its members is $1,000.


Palm Beach Business Group Inc.  (www.pbbusinessgroup.com) PBBG is a business education and development company whose members include attorneys, bankers, realtors, investment bankers, doctors, scientists, venture capitalists, etc.  It has committed to email each of its dues-paying members a link to your report for a non-refundable fee of $1,000.


Northeastern Investors.  More than 150 investors in the NYC, Boston, and Toronto areas.  $1,000 (non-refundable).

Measurable impact.  Each report includes a counter of unique viewers to help you judge the effectiveness of the report’s distribution.  You may choose to stagger the distributions so that you can judge the effectiveness of channel individually.

Low cost.  The fee for this service is $3,500, plus the cost of any of the above-mentioned add-on distribution channels that you choose to engage.



If you would like to participate in the TickerBuzz program as either as a research client or report distribution partner, please contact William J. Ritger at 561.891.1903 or writger@gmail.com.





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