Seaside’s Revenue-Share Program




A Scarcity of Funding Options

for Small Companies

Seaside’s Revenue-

Share Program

Company Benefits from a

Revenue-Share Funding



Investment Experience




A focus on early stage U.S. companies in need of growth capital.


The U.S. has approximately 4,000 exchange-listed companies and a far larger pool of more than 5,000,000 privately held companies of sufficient size to attract Seaside’s interest.



Seaside invests only in U.S.-based companies and is industry agnostic.



Seaside provides capital in exchange for a percentage of a company’s future monthly revenues, generally in a range of 3-12%, until Seaside achieves a negotiated return on its investment.



Seaside strives to select companies that will use the capital infusion to accelerate their revenue growth through product launches, sales force expansion, entry into new geographic markets, etc.



Seaside does not usually provide seed funding.  Companies must have proven demand for their products and services.