Company Benefits from a Revenue-Share Funding




A Scarcity of Funding Options

for Small Companies

Seaside’s Revenue-

Share Program

Company Benefits from a

Revenue-Share Funding



Investment Experience




Growth companies generally strive to minimize dilution of their equity.


Companies suffer no dilution of their equity (except in the case of a payment default).



The pre-money valuation of a company is not a sticking point in the negotiation, because Seaside does not purchase any equity.



A company’s monthly payments to Seaside vary with the performance of its revenues, thereby giving a company breathing room if its results slow.



A company has a right to terminate its monthly payments by exercising a buyout provision.



Seaside does not require companies to provide commitment fees, warrants, ratchets, resets, lockups, broker tails, Board representations, or management’s personal guarantees.



Depending on a company’s performance, Seaside will consider re-negotiating the terms of its investments and doing follow-on rounds.